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Viva El Birdos Cardinals Top 29 Prospects of 2016

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Cardinals' top prospects

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

After finishing last week with the countdown of the Cardinals' top prospects culminating in Alex Reyes' spot as the Cardinals' best prospect and one of the top 10 prospects in all of Major League Baseball. While all of our prospect coverage this season can be found in our prospect hub, this is the first post with the entirety of the rankings all in one spot.

For a full scouting report, click on the player's name. All reports are due to the fine work of the red baron.

#1-Alex Reyes

Position: RHP

Acquired: 2012 Amateur free agent from the Dominican Republic (prev. New Jersey) for $950,000

Age: 21 (DOB: 8/29/1994)

#2-Jack Flaherty

Position: RHP

Acquired: 2014 MLB Draft-34th overall pick

Age: 20 (DOB: 10/15/95)

#3-Edmundo Sosa

Position: SS

Acquired: 2012 Amateur free agent from Panama for $425,000

Age: 19 (DOB:3/6/1996)

#4-Tim Cooney

Position: LHP

Acquired: 2012 MLB Draft-3rd round

Age: 25 (DOB: 12/19/1990)

#5-Luke Weaver

Position: RHP

Acquired: 2014 MLB Draft-27th overall pick

Age: 22 (DOB: 8/21/1993)

#6-Marco Gonzales

Position: LHP

Acquired: 2013 MLB Draft-19th overall pick

Age: 24 (DOB: 2/16/92)

#6(a)-Aledmys Diaz

Position: SS

Acquired: International Free Agent (Cuba) signing for contract totaling $8 million (some publications do not consider Diaz as a prospect due to his time professionally in Cuba, hence the (a) designation in the rankings).

Age: 25 (DOB: 8/1/1990)

#7-Magneuris Sierra

Position: OF

Acquired: 2012 Amateur free agent from Dominican Republic for $105,000

Age: 19 (DOB: 4/7/1996)

#8-Anthony Garcia

Position: OF

Acquired: 2009 MLB Draft-19th round

Age: 24 (DOB: 1/24/1994)

#9-Sam Tuivailala

Position: RHP

Acquired: 2010 MLB Draft-3rd round

Age: 23 (DOB: 10/19/1992)

#10-Ronnie Williams

Posittion: RHP

Acquired: 2014 MLB Draft-2nd round

Age: 20 (DOB: 1/6/1996)

#11-Harrison Bader

Position: OF

Acquired: 2015 MLB Draft-3rd round

Age: 21 (DOB: 6/3/1994)

#12-Charlie Tilson

Position: OF

Acquired: 2012 MLB Draft-2nd round

Age: 23 (DOB: 12/2/1992)

#13-Junior Fernandez

Position: RHP

Acquired: 2014 Amateur free agent from the Dominican Republic for $400,000

Age: 18 (DOB: 3/2/1997)

#14-Nick Plummer

Position: OF

Acquired: 2015 MLB Draft-23rd overall

Age: 19 (DOB: 7/31/1996)

#15-Carson Kelly

Position: C

Acquired: 2012 MLB Draft-2nd round

Age: 21 (DOB: 7/14/1994)

#16-Paul DeJong

Position: 3B

Acquired: 2015 MLB Draft-4th round

Age: 22 (DOB: 8/22/1993)

#17-Darren Seferina

Position: 2B

Acquired: 2014 MLB Draft-5th round

Age: 22 (DOB: 1/24/1994)

#18-Bryce Denton

Position: 3B

Acquired: 2015 MLB Draft-2nd round

Age: 18 (DOB: 8/1/1997)

#19-Oscar Mercado

Position: SS

Acquired: 2013 MLB Draft-2nd round

Age: 21 (DOB: 12/16/1994)

#20-Mike Ohlman

Position: C

Acquired: 2015 trade with Baltimore Orioles for cash

Age: 25 (DOB: 12/14/1990)

#21-Corey Littrell

Position: LHP

Acquired: 2014 trade with Boston Red Sox along with John Lackey for Joe Kelly and Allen Craig

Age: 23 (DOB: 3/21/1992)


Prospects 23-29 (reminder that there were two prospects at #6) are in no particular order. The players below are combined into one post, although Jake Woodford recently merited a deep dive.

In no particular order:

Jake Woodford

Position: RHP

Acquired: 2015 MLB Draft-39th overall pick

Age: 19 (DOB: 10/28/1996)

Austin Gomber

Position: LHP

Acquired: 2014 MLB Draft-4th round

Age: 22 (DOB: 11/23/1993)

Sandy Alcantara

Position: RHP

Acquired: 2013 Amateur Free Agent from Dominican Republic for $125,000

Age: 20 (DOB: 9/7/1995)

Dean Kiekhefer

Position: LHP

Acquired: 2010 MLB Draft-36th round

Age: 26 (DOB: 6/7/1989)

Jacob Wilson

Position: 2B/3B

Acquired: 2012 MLB Draft-10th round

Age: 25 (DOB: 7/29/1990)

Patrick Wisdom

Position: 3B

Acquired: 2012 MLB Draft-52nd overall pick

Age: 24 (DOB: 8/27/1991)

Allen Cordoba

Position: SS

Acquired: 2013 Amateur free agent from Panama for $7,500

Age: 20 (DOB: 12/6/1995)