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Cardinals news and notes: Prospects, Marp, and the offseason

Edgar Renteria walked-off versus the Cubs many summers ago and some things you may have missed at VEB yesterday

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

If you read below, you'll see a link to the Red Baron's profile on shortstop prospect Edmundo Sosa.  Sosa drew Edgar Renteria as a player comp and besides being one of the more underrated Cardinals of the aughts, Renteria had a huge hand in one of the most remarkable Cardinals' games in recent memory.  On July 28, 2002, at Busch Memorial Stadium, Renteria hit a walk-off three-run home run to defeat the Chicago Cubs 10-9.  The Cardinals entered the bottom of the 9th down 9-4 and Renteria's home run put the finishing touches on a six-run rally.  The Cubs left town 14.5 games back because that was when the world made sense.

Here's what you missed yesterday at VEB:

International prospects

  • Craig Edwards detailed how the Cardinals from several reports are looking to spend big in the international market.  They have the money to do it and it could help replenish a farm system which was recently rated 19th by Keith Law.

Carpenter's Ks

  • Here's a great piece of work from Joe Schwarz analyzing all of Matt Carpenter's strikeouts the last three seasons.  Interesting takeaway: Carpenter had nearly as many swinging strikes on pitches outside of the zone with two strikes in 2015 than all of 2013 and 2014 combined.  As Joe noted, Carpenter could be taking matters into his own hands and not leaving borderline pitches up to umpires.

Abraham Lincoln

  • This is neat.  Yesterday was President's Day and Lil Scooter dug up some information suggesting that President Abraham Lincoln was likely a baseball fan.  If I may take it one step further, I grew up in Lincoln, Illinois, which is the only town in the United States named for Honest Abe before he became president.  While he lived in Springfield, he worked as an attorney in Lincoln, then known as Postville, which is about 30 miles north on I-55 and christened the town with watermelon juice.  And for that they named the town for him.  On that authority, and knowing that Lincoln, the town, typically leans about 55%-45% Cardinals over Cubs, I hereby declare that Abe would have been a Cardinals fan.

Edmundo Sosa

Grading the Cardinals' offseason

A good tweet

A fine read on the Secret Weapon.  Enjoy your Tuesday, everyone.