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Cardinals News and Notes: Grichuk's defense, Holliday and first base, and the Simpsons

Catching you up on the Cardinals

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The big news in Major League Baseball yesterday was not Cardinals-related, but that Mets reliever Jennry Mejia had been suspended by MLB for steroids a third time. This suspension resulted in a lifetime ban. If you are curious about the chemistry involved in some of the banned substances that Jennry Mejia has taken during one of his three test failures, Joe Schwarz covered that back in April when Mejia tested positive the first time.

In other news:

Randal Grichuk

Randal Grichuk and his future on defense-While Grichuk is a much-debated player in general given his swings and misses and prodigious power, we should not forget that his defensive position down the line is not that settled either given his lack of experience in center field.


We featured a couple Fanposts on the front page of Viva El Birdos yesterday. One discussed the batted ball data of the Cardinals outfield and attempted to make sense of their projections. Another looked at the Cardinals' pitchers' results in tough situations.

If you have something to say, feel free to write a Fanpost. Our whole Fanpost section can be found here, as well as the link to write your own article.

Matt Holliday to first base

It is happening again-Matt Holliday is actually practicing at first base reigniting the debate.

The Simpsons

The Cardinals and The Simpsons have met a few times before-look back at those episodes as well as a few other times St. Louis and Missouri have been mentioned.


Matt Carpenter

Comparing Matt Carpenter in 2015 to his 2016 projections-Despite his great play over the past few years, Matt Carpenter is still projected to have a season beneath his career numbers. Ben Markham takes a look.

Enjoy your Saturday!