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Cards news and notes: future catchers, the first NLCS, dingers, Keith Law

catching you up on yesterday's VEB

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Behind Yadi the Cardinals are pretty thin on catching talent in the organization. The Red Baron thus looked at three catching prospects eligible for this year's draft. Follow the link to get all of his thoughts on what's so great about these guys.

Yesterday Ben shared another chapter of Cardinals History on the "first NLCS". This wasn't actually an NLCS, as it occurred in 1946 and the first NLCS wasn't until 1969, but it was a tie breaker series to determine the NL representative in the World Series. I was not aware of this series and it was a very fun read.

Lil Scoot's Hunt and Peck looked at who was likely to lead the Cards in homers this year. She ends up taking a dark horse candidate in Stephen Piscotty, which would be great news for those of us wondering how Piscotty will settle in as an MLB player.

Craig shared with us the news that Keith Law ranked the Cardinals' farm system 19th overall. Craig also reminded us that the only reason the Cards are that low is because they've done such a great job promoting prospects that it's created a hole in the system.

Lastly, yours truly used The Red Baron's Top Cardinals Prospect list to map out which pitchers could be available over the next few years as the deals for the Cardinals' current starters expire.