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Cardinals news and notes: Holliday, Winter Meetings, New Prospects, Recent Team Action, & Dyson

Brief rundown of the stories from Monday on Viva El Birdos.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

From Winter Meetings drama to prospects, Viva El Birdos had it all on Monday. So, here's a look back on what you may have missed:

The Meaning of Matt Holliday in New York -- Alex Crisafulli broke down what former Cardinal Matt Holliday being a member of the New York Yankees means.

MLB Winter Meetings: Cardinals still looking at center fielder options -- Joe Schwarz detailed the Cardinals' ongoing search for a centerfielder.

Examining John Gant, Chris Ellis, and Luke Dykstra -- I did some research on the three prospects the Cardinals acquired from the Braves in exchange for Jaime Garcia last week.

The Cardinals did more things -- A Hunt and Peck -- lil_scooter93 compiled several of the Cardinals' latest transactions in her latest Hunt and Peck.

Please welcome to the stage Jarrod Dyson -- In his second post on Monday, Alex took a look at Jarrod Dyson, who the Cardinals may acquire to help plug their gap out in center.


That's a wrap on Monday's VEB. Check back Tuesday for more!