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Cardinals news and notes: Dexter Fowler and prospects

The weekend that was.

MLB: New York Mets at Atlanta Braves Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

So, everybody, how did you enjoy your last weekend before Christmas? Well, technically you can go shopping on Saturday but...I would not recommend that. Perhaps you spent it shopping. Perhaps you spend it staying warm and trying not to slip. I spent all but a few minutes indoors and I suspect many of you operated similarly—in which case you should have read this weekend’s crop of VEB posts. I mean, what else were you going to do? But in case you didn’t, here’s what you may have missed.

Dexter Fowler

Ben Markham took a deep dive into Dexter Fowler’s quality of contact, examining the launch angles, launch velocities, and general luck or lack thereof which the new Cardinals center fielder has experienced.


The red baron went through the best of the rest with regard to his annual ranking of prospects in the St. Louis Cardinals farm system. The examination will, of course, be comprehensive as always, so it’s best to start reading now so that it’s less work later.

That’s it. Try not to freeze if you’re in the extremely cold parts of the country/world. Try not to be uncomfortable if you’re in one of the moderately cold parts of the country/world.