Cardinals better batting order

Cardinals better batting order

Last year Yadi Molina hit into 22 double plays(2nd most in NL).

How to reduce this number as much as possible?

Batting order Stategy

1. Bat pitcher 8th with Molina 9th. The pitcher would be sacrificing when possible(more 1st base open with

less chances for Molina to ground into DP with a good chance to drive in run.

2. Molina batting last would provide better chance to score runs since he would be also batting in front of

top of order.

possible batting order:

1. Fowler

2. Daez

3. Carpenter

4. Picsotti

5. Peralta(Turner I Hope)

6. Grichuk

7. Wong

8. Pitcher

9. Molina

3. Bat Molina 1st(His OBP was .356 vs left and .361 vs right good for .360 last year, better than all but Fowler, Carpenter and Daez) and the pitcher batting last. Leading off game he couldn't hit into DP. batting behind pitcher would have less chance to hit into DP. see Batting order Strategy above.

possible batting order:

move Molina to top and everyone else down one spot. Note: after the first inning the result of

both batting orders would be the same except for more at bats for Molina and less for others, which may or may not be a good thing.