The return of Vince Coleman

Cardinals want more SB and speed on bases as well as better running the bases.

Well, what if they could add a Vince Coleman to their team next year? Think he would be effective against Jon Lester(Cubs)as we know, won't throw to first base. Hmmm!

There are 3 such players that are available right now. Jarron Dyson(K.C.)1 year contract. via trade.

Drew Stubbs(Rangers) free agent and Rajai Davis(Inidans) free agent

Vince Coleman 752 SB out of 929 att(80.9%)life time

Vince Coleman 326 SB out of 387 att(84.2%)3 years he stole over 100 bases each(1985,86,87)

Jarron Dyson(age 32)176 SB out of 196 att(89.8%)life time.

Drew Stubbs(age 32)161 SB out of 185 att(82.5%)life time.

Rajai Davis(age 36)365 SB out of 458 att(79.7%)life time. He is 36 years old but was 43 out of 49 att(87.7%)last year with Cleveland.

GM plan get one(2 if can fit on 25 man roster) of these guys.

Manager strategy:

Use him as pinch runner. Pr for Molina or Carpenter or Adams or Peralta(hopefully Justin Turner) in 7th on when a SB would be most useful. then double switch on defense if needed. Stubbs and Davis are very good fielders, Dyson excellent.

Projected stolen base total for year. How about 80? Say Cardinals pr 100 times of the 162 game season. All these guys steal at 80% more, 80% of 100 = 80 stolen bases for season. Can you say welcome to the team Vince Coleman!

Other advantages would be:

1. Less chances to hit into DP's(steal of 2nd, 1st base open.

2. Much better speed and base running on base.

Result close the gap on the Cubs!