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Cardinals news and notes: Matheny, prospects, and the Fall League

First weekend of November during a Summer Olympic year, so obviously the thing we were all talking about the last couple days was the St. Louis Cardinals.

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at St. Louis Cardinals Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Happy week, VEB. Here’s what happened over the weekend besides a time change.

Bullpen management

Ben Markham wrote about Mike Matheny’s ability to properly leverage his bullpen. Like many of his posts, there is a lot of math involved and I’m not smart enough to have processed it all at first but once I absorbed it, it was an excellent read and it is well worth your time.


The red baron shared his preliminary list for the VEB prospect rankings. There are a lot of them and it will eventually get narrowed down but for now let’s fantasize that all of these guys are elite prospects and that the Cardinals are actually going to win every game in 2019 or so.

Arizona Fall League

Per usual, Josey Curtis provided a slew of AFL updates over the weekend. There was Friday’s game, in which Carson Kelly played well as a designated hitter, the announcement of several Cardinals prospects as participants in a featured AFL showcase, and Saturday’s All-Star game in which Harrison Bader scored two runs.

So, not the craziest weekend for the Cardinals. But the Hot Stove is just heating up. Approach it with caution, keep your free agent and trade fantasies at reasonable levels, and don’t retweet hot stove news from @KennyRosenthal or @DGooldSTL or something.