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Cardinals news and notes: Cubs, Matheny, Zoo

The case against being happy for Cubs fans (and yesterday at VEB)

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at St. Louis Cardinals Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The other night, after the Cubs won their first World Series in what I understand was a very long time, there seemed to be two camps of Cardinals fans: Those who were happy for the Cubs fans in their lives and those who would rather baseball be forever cancelled than have a reason to wish well on Cubs fans.

I was not cheering for the Cubs to win series, but I fell into the former group, and a lot of that could all come down to the fact that I am not a St. Louisan. I love the city, I find it to be a beautiful and quite manageable place every time I visit, but I have never resided there and likely 75-80% of my total trips to the Lou have been to watch our beloved Cardinals.

I grew up with Cubs fans, I’m related to a lot of them, it was hard to not feel happy for the genuinely good Cubs fans that I know. And really, the only bad Cubs fans I have encountered were drunk jerks in the bleachers at Wrigley and some awful, faceless and usually nameless people online, which can be interchangeably said about every fan base, I think.

So I might be exempt from the scorn at which this remarkable column from the Riverfront Times is directed (h/t @2xBirds) but I sure enjoyed reading it. The author is not fond of those wishing well on Cubs fans. Read this wonderful excerpt and then check out the whole piece:

Have we forgotten the great home run race of 1998? Mark McGwire gladly turned his body's bloodstream into a mad scientist's experiment, all in the name of vanquishing Cubs slugger Sammy Sosa. He sacrificed his very health for this war. For us. And now we tarnish our local hero's otherwise-unblemished legacy by congratulating the very enemy he fought so bravely against?

Here’s what you may have missed yesterday at VEB:

Cubs win the World Series

It’s true. Joe Schwarz confirmed it. I wrote a few words about it as well.

Mike Matheny

In a not totally unexpected move, the Cardinals extended Mike Matheny through the 2020 season.

Farm Report

Here’s the farm report from Josey Curtis.

Carlos Martinez

Carlos Martinez was at the zoo checking out the animals.

Have a great weekend, everyone.