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VEB Community Guidelines

You might or might not have noticed, but the default community guidelines on this site goes to an SB Nation page. You can find those guidelines here or by clicking on the link at the bottom of any page on VEB. I would encourage you to read those guidelines, but will quote one relevant sentence that appears right before the list of guidelines:

Please keep in mind that some SB Nation communities may have rules that may be more strict (i.e. no swearing at all) than those outlined below, but the following apply to all sites on the network.

Our guidelines, in addition to those from SB Nation, that have been around for quite some time are still in effect.

VEB has a Golden Rule: Before posting, ask yourself, “Would I be embarrassed to say this in front of strangers who are physically present and could respond to my face?” If you answer "Yes," then don't put up the post.

When you have a difference of opinion with another member of the community, attack the opinion, not the person. Personal attacks, vulgarity, and other uncivilized forms of expression are not welcome here.

You can say "shit," but you can't say "Player X is a piece of shit." However, if you're swearing up a blue streak in the comments thread and someone asks you to tone down the language, then please tone it down. This is a Cardinals blog, not a Quentin Tarantino movie.

The community benefits from a critical point of view. However, nobody benefits from infantile ravings. Before you blast away, ask yourself:

1) Can I support my criticisms with evidence and a line of reasoning?

2) Does my post attempt to explain why something sucks?

3) Does my post convey a sense of humor?

No political or religious discussions.

Don’t be a sexist pig, racist pig, homophobic pig, anti-Semitic pig, or any other kind of pig. Such behavior will not be tolerated.

We want everybody to feel welcome here, regardless of who they are or what they believe.