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Cardinals news and notes: Fowler and the uniform battle

11/14 in VEB.

Chicago Cubs v St. Louis Cardinals Photo by Michael Thomas/Getty Images

Perhaps in 2017, the St. Louis Cardinals will welcome Dexter Fowler into the organization and he will don the 2017 uniform. Would Fowler be worth the cost of having him don the birds on the bat? Would the 2017 uniform compete with some of the greatest uniforms in Cardinals history? Both of these topics were covered, as this long-winded introduction implies, yesterday on Viva El Birdos.

Dexter Fowler

In keeping with his contractual obligation to the site, Joe Schwarz provided his Dexter Fowler take. In his humble opinion, as expressed here, signing Dexter Fowler would be a mistake.

Uni-battle 2016!

Lil Scooter continued with her bracket to determine the greatest uniform in Cardinals history and yesterday brought the finals, a battle royale between 1940 and 1969 to determine the greatest Cardinals uniforms of them all.

With the hot stove intensifying (or the anticipation of it intensifying intensifying, at least), the stories should keep pouring in. Be sure to keep checking back with Viva El Birdos for the latest and greatest news updates and Hot Baseball Takes.