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Cardinals news and notes: Adams, Ozzie, and Martinez

The latest of VEB.

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at Colorado Rockies Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

So this is normally where and when Alex tells you what happened on Thursday on Viva El Birdos dot com. Well, not to bore you with the details (or myself, for that matter), but I’m handling his duties this morning. So that’s cool, right?

Anyway, sometimes I’ll throw in an anecdote or a joke or something but, well, I have another post coming up in two hours. I know, right? And not to spoil too much about how the sausage is made, but I wrote that post already! Before I wrote this one! The space time continuum is melting before your very eyes!

I don’t want you to get sick of me (no comments here, please) so I’ll move right along. If you’d like to speculate on the topic of my upcoming post, feel free to do so. It can be a fun (not fun) game!

Matt Adams

Joe Schwarz wrote about the potential trade value of Matt Adams. Adams is an incomplete player but he: 1. Does have some offensive upside; 2. Doesn’t cost much, and Joe considers what this could mean with Matt Carpenter’s move to first base.

Ozzie Smith

Like me, Alex Crisafulli is a Play Index addict, and he sufficiently quenched my appetite for Play Indexing by looking at Ozzie Smith’s historic success with relatively little power. Turns out he was rather good.

Arizona Fall League

Josey Curtis recapped Wednesday’s AFL game, in which Harrison Bader dominated. So that’s pretty good to hear, right?

Carlos Martinez

For Tsunamy Thursday, Lil Scooter updated us on the latest goings-on of Carlos Martinez. He posted something about #brands on Instagram. So click this link to see what it was (and also to read some exposition on the matter).

All right, see y’all again in two hours.