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Cardinals news and notes: Yadi, Reyes, Tsunami

More rambling about Yadier Molina’s great 2016 season (and news and notes).

Pittsburgh Pirates v St Louis Cardinals Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

This column has been done to death, but Yadier Molina had an excellent season for a catcher in his age-33 season. I wrote about it in somewhat depth at the beginning of last month, and Bernie Miklasz hit the same topic last week. Yesterday, John Fleming did some Play-Indexing to show how valuable Matt Holliday has been throughout his career and most notably during his time as a Cardinal. Here’s a similar analysis (complete with some cherry-picking of stats) to show just how good and reliable Molina was this past year.

For catchers in their age-33 season who played at least 90% of their time at catcher and compiled at least 500 plate appearances, this is where Yadier Molina ranks going back to 1901 (total sample size: 43):

Games - t1st (147)

PA - 1st (581)

Hits - 1st (164)

2B - 1st (38)

AVG - 5th (.307)

OBP - 7th (.360)

SLG - 16th (.427)

OPS - 11th (.787)


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Have a great weekend, everyone.