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TUESDAY TRIVIA: Can you name this Cardinals - A Hunt and Peck

Let's test your knowledge of our favorite Birdos.

Today is Tuesday. "Tuesday" begins with a "T". "Trivia" also begins with a "T". It is an alliteration too good to pass up. Plus, Trivia is fun. So now, let's test your knowledge (or at least your ability to Google search).

Last month I challenged you with this Birdo:

Many of you correctly identified the player in question as...

Trevor Rosenthal after striking out Mark Ellis to close out the 2013 NLCS against the Dodgers.

Congrats to all who answered correctly!

Now for today’s challenge...

Who is this?


  1. In 2015 he ranked in the top ten in the National League in winning percentage, wins, ERA, strikeouts per nine, and home runs allowed per nine
  2. In 2015 he led the Cardinals in pitchers with 184 strikeouts (thirteenth in the National League)
  3. He made the All-Star rooster in 2015

Spoiler-tag your answers below!

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