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Facebook Live Episode 15: Time to Make Moves

I answered your questions in a live video chat

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at St. Louis Cardinals Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

After a brief hiatus, we got the live facebooking going again as the Cardinals begin their offseason sooner than any of us would have liked.

Topics Included:

  • Is Mike Matheny surrounding himself with “yes” men?
  • Expectations for Aledmys Diaz in his second year in the majors.
  • The possibility of going after Wil Myers of the Padres.
  • How Carlos Gomez might fit as an addition to the Cardinals.
  • Realistic ideas to fix the Cardinals and what actually needs fixing.
  • A potential trade for Chris Sale
  • Whether Alex Reyes is now untouchable or if the Cardinals should consider moving him for a player like Chris Sale or other star.
  • St. Louis’ reputation as a destination for free agents and whether it has taken a hit over the last several years as players have chosen other teams over the Cardinals.

Thanks again for all your questions and we will keep these up throughout the offseason as the Cardinals have an interesting one ahead of them. Find our Facebook page here.