And Then There Were Eight: Cardinals Walk Up Song Tournament

While the Indians, Blue Jays, Cubs, and Dodgers are locked in contest for a World Series title, the Cardinals are involved in a much more important tournament.

Two weeks ago, I began a tournament where people vote on which Cardinal player they thought has the best walk up song. The field contained 24 players, and the updated bracket has narrowed the list down to eight. Here's the results from Round 2:

  • Tommy Pham defeated Carlos Martinez 4 votes to 0.
  • Randal Grichuk defeated Jeremy Hazelbaker 6 votes to 0.
  • Matt Carpenter defeated Alberto Rosario 3 votes to 2.
  • Adam Wainwright defeated Jedd Gyorko 4 votes to 0.
  • Trevor Rosenthal defeated Matt Holliday 3 votes to 1.
  • Michael Wacha defeated Jaime Garcia 2 votes to 1.
  • Jonathan Broxton defeated Mike Leake 4 votes to 1.
  • Stephen Piscotty defeated Greg Garcia 3 votes to 2.
Quarterfinals Preview:
  • Tommy Pham and Randal Grichuk are the two highest polling playerd–and they square off with a Final 4 spot on the line.
  • Matt Carpenter has eeked out two tight wins to get this far, but now he faces his first country song in Adam Wainwright's Song of the South.
  • Everybody's favorite relievers, Rosenthal and Broxton, would meet in the Final 4 if they can knock off Wacha and Piscotty.
Below are a list of the Round 2 matchups with links to the songs and polls.

Randal Grichuk vs. Tommy Pham

Adam Wainwright vs. Matt Carpenter

Michael Wacha vs. Trevor Rosenthal

Stephen Piscotty vs. Jonathan Broxton

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Go Cards!