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Cardinals news and notes: Postseason, center field, uniforms

The Cardinals aren’t participating in the postseason but that can be a good thing. (Plus, news and notes.)

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at St. Louis Cardinals Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The Indians swept the Red Sox out of the postseason last night. It’s comforting to know that barring some unforeseen scientific breakthrough, we’ll never have to relive another David Ortiz plate appearance in the 2013 World Series ever again. So long, sir.

It was a stressful ending. It took Cody Allen 40 pitches to get the final four outs as he worked counts full and allowed a couple of base runners before inducing a pop-up to right to end it. Frankly, it fell eerily similar to some of Trevor Rosenthal’s outings the last few years (although I suspect 80% of fans feel this way about their closer whether valid or not), but without the personal stakes. While it’s a legitimate bummer that the Cardinals came up short this year - especially as I type this I’m watching the Cubs steamroll through a hapless Giants team (edit: NOPE well maybe, I don’t know anymore, this game is bananas) - it is nice being able to watch these games and not spend a majority of my time pacing around my living room in an anxious mess. Here’s to taking it easy.

And here’s what you may have missed yesterday at VEB:

Center field

I argued that the Cardinals should pursue Dexter Fowler once the free agency season is upon us, and Joe Schwarz advocated trading for Ender Inciarte. Either way, the Cardinals need to make center field a priority this offseason.

1980 vs. 1995 uniforms

Lil Scooter continued the battle of the uniforms and right now we’re voting for 1980 or 1995 (I think, not 1991, right?). If, like Ken Bone, you’re an undecided voter, the obvious answer is 1980.

Have a great weekend, everyone.