How well do you remember your 2016 Cardinals? -- a silly little quiz

I made these ten questions up for funzies and thought I would try to share. The glitch is I don't know how to hide answers (black out) otherwise I would have posted this in one of the threads. Then I thought to try a fanpost.

Re the answers, all I can think to do (given the above tech deficiency) is to wait a few days and post the answers... for those who want to check their score AND don't wish to look up (verify) the few they may have been iffy on.

I don't think it's all that hard a quiz, so there should be some high scores: here goes

1. what relief pitcher had the most blown saves

2 what (pos) player started the most games

3 of the five major starting pitchers, who had the best WHIP

4 which (pos) player [10 starts or more] had the highest on base percentage (OBP)

5 none of Lyons, Maness, Kierkefer, Socolovich or Tuivailala was given even one save opportunity... True/False

6 Moss made the most appearances as a non-starter, with 42; who was right behind him with 41 subs

7 Tho' late to the roster, Zach Duke still managed to make 30+ appearances from the pen ... True/False

8 the Cards finished with a run differential under +60... True/False

9 which three players led the homer-happy Cardinals in dingers (ie the 3 individuals top HR guys)

10 the Cards were LAST in stolen bases in the NL... True/False

I hope at least a few people enjoy and that I haven't abused the fanpost space -- Joe