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Cardinals news and notes: the Pirates, Reds, and the playoffs

Like, this is basically the playoffs

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at St. Louis Cardinals Scott Kane-USA TODAY Sports

So I’m feeling a little lazy to write this, and I’m sure many of you are lazy to read it. After all, we have playoff baseball to watch.

No, not next week (though hopefully also next week)—this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon. Because for all intents and purposes, this is the playoffs.

It may not have that special typography, but these games are pivotal. The players (at least on the Cardinals) know the consequences. And we all get to enjoy it.

The Chicago Cubs haven’t had a true sense of urgency in a game in probably months, but this is fine for them, because they have an assured October. For the Cardinals, the postseason is still a question. And therefore, we are getting our playoff fix a bit early. And maybe later too. Let’s enjoy what we know we’ll get, though, and hope for a second round coming soon.

Anyway, here’s the VEB stuff of yesterday.

The postseason

I wrote about how everybody makes the playoffs these days and thus the Cardinals deserve to make it. Also I made a “Warriors blew a 3-1 series lead” joke because I think I missed my window of opportunity to start cracking Harambe jokes in VEB posts.

Kolten forgets the haters

Asbw83 re-introduced the much-loved Cardstoons, and gave me my new second-favorite “haters gonna hate”-themed GIF, behind this one.

Cardinals vs. Pirates preview

Craig Edwards wrote about how the Cardinals should destroy the Pirates. And, like, it’s a good idea.


Lil Scooter wrote about how we should stop talking about the controversy of the previous night’s victory over the Cincinnati Reds. Frankly I have no idea what she’s talking about.

Friday night’s game

Mister_manager recapped the game which...I presume was a fun game to recap.

Hope everybody enjoys the latest pseudo-playoff game today. Michael Wacha is scheduled to start, which is a thing that is apparently a thing. Should be interesting, if nothing else.