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Jim Edmonds falls off Hall of Fame ballot

At least he's so cool he probably didn't even notice

G. N. Lowrance/Getty Images

The Hall of Fame voting was announced today, with Ken Griffey Jr and Mike Piazza both receiving enough votes for induction. Jim Edmonds wasn't expected to join that group, the hope was just that he would pass the five percent threshold for being included on the ballot the following year. Unfortunately for Cardinals fans who care about the Hall of Fame, Edmonds did not get enough votes for that.

Edmonds produced 64.5 WAR in his career compared to 77.7 WAR for Griffey, but apparently that 13 WAR gap is enough not just to stay on the ballot, not just to get inducted, but worth setting a record for highest percentage of votes. Yes, I know more goes into the voting process than just looking at WAR totals, but it's more than frustrating for a Cardinals fan who grew up during the MV3 years to believe that Jim Edmonds received so little of the voting share.

As for other ex-Cardinals, Lee Smith pulled in 34%, a strong showing at 12th overall. Larry Walker lives to fight another year, receiving 15.3% and Mark McGwire got 12.3% in his 10th and final year on the ballot. He will get consideration from the veteran's committee down the line, and might eventually get in. Walker I am less optimistic about, I don't think enough voters will ever consider him great enough for the hall, despite also being within ear shot of Griffey's career WAR.

Other ex-Cardinals on the ballot were Troy Glaus, David Eckstein, and Mark Gruzielanek, and they did not reach the five percent threshold. I would be surprised if any Cardinals fans are surprised or upset about that. At least you got that World Series MVP, Eckstein.

The VEB community  knows well all the reasons Edmonds deserves the glory of a Hall of Fame induction, so I won't lament that fact that too much. Jimmy has dealt with journalists questioning his baseball abilities for a long time, so this isn't new for him. He probably knows damn well the incredible value he provided on the field, and isn't about to let someone else tell him different.

The Hall of Fame, BBWAA, and the voting process has long made a fool out of themselves, and today is no different. However, congratulations are still in order to Griffey and Piazza. As someone who was once an adolescent lefty hitter, I spent an inordinate amount of time watching and trying to re-create Griffey's famously sweet lefty swing. It's just unfortunate that the same year he gets elected, another deserving, amazing, sweet swinging lefty is knocked off the ballot.