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Technical Difficulties

So how's your day going?

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Morning (barely), everyone. Hope you're all enjoying your Sunday.

I'm currently having some sort of issue with either VEB itself, or perhaps my computer; not sure which one. Today's post was going to be relatively slight to begin with; it was a quickish little thing I was working on in regards to the Cardinal lineup for the upcoming season. Somewhere along the line, though, that post was eaten, and I can barely get SB Nation sites in general to pull up at all currently. Maybe you're having the same issues; maybe something plug-in wise has gone wrong on my end. I'm trying to get this written and posted as quickly as possible to try and see if I can at least get some sort of post on the site for people to use.

Anyhow, feel free to use this as an open daily thread, if the site is usable at all. Again, I'm willing to at least consider the problem could be on my end. Things are acting weird in general right now while trying to get this done. But please accept my apologies for the lack of proper content, and I'll see you in a more complete, compelling fashion soon. Hopefully.

Take care.