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Cardinals news and notes: Holliday, Waino, and the DH

The Cardinals ZiPS projections are released and like it or not the designated hitter is headed to the National League.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

In case you missed it, yesterday was one of the best days of the offseason because Dan Szymborski released his ZiPS projections for the Cardinals.  Be sure to check them out.  Things could be looking up in 2016 because two of our players got compared to Clemens and Garciaparra!

Here's what you may have missed yesterday at VEB:

Matt Holliday to leadoff?

Adam Wainwright in 2016

  • You probably didn't need 1,300 words to be convinced that Adam Wainwright will likely be a good pitcher in 2016 but here it is anyway.

Carlos doing Carlos stuff

Prospect list: Paul DeJong

  • On his prospect countdown list, the Red Baron noted that the Cardinals are trying to fix the bereft of power in their farm system through the draft.  To that end, meet infielder Paul DeJong.

DH in the NL

  • If there's a more polarizing debate in baseball right now than adding the designated hitter to the National League I'm not sure what it is.

Craig Edwards tackled the issue on Thursday evening and more importantly, what it could mean for the Cardinals and three ways how they can best prepare for what now seems like an inevitability.  But again, not everyone's feeling it:

Have a great weekend, everyone.