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Cardinals news and notes: Mean tweets, Matt Holliday, and Cards HOF

Read some mean tweets about the Cubs and details on why the Cardinals offense in 2016 might be better than you think.

Elsa/Getty Images

Since that miserable day in December when Jason Heyward signed with the Cubs it seems a few days haven't gone by in which something hasn't come up to remind us, that yes, he'll be suiting up for the enemy for the foreseeable future.  It's like getting hit with a weekly cattle prod.  To that end, the Cubs had their version of the Winter Warm Up this weekend as well and they didn't waste the opportunity:

I wasn't there but "epic" is probably a stretch, although that's certainly more edgy and creative than anything the Cardinals muster up at these events.  I don't know the nature of the tweets that were read but I have to assume and hope they were somewhat family friendly and not of the hateful variety that are so often cultivated on the internet.  So if your tweet was read you should not feel embarrassed.  Frankly, I can't think of a single reason to not tweet "mean" things about the Cubs and to show solidarity here's a sample I found from my own gallery (just a heads-up - they're not all winners):

Now if you can pick yourself up off the floor after all of those bone-rattling burns, here's what you missed at VEB yesterday:

Matt Holliday

  • Joe Schwarz analyzed an astute observation from Matt Holliday along with the Cardinals' 2015 strikeout rate with runners in scoring position and why there's reason to feel optimistic about the Cardinals' offense this year.  All throughout 2015 I expected the Cardinals to kill potential rallies by failing to put the bat on the ball but I often chalked that up to being a fatalistic fan.  Turns out the stats actually bore that out.
  • If this quote from Holliday to Jim Hayes had not been presented as a clear joke, I could have been convinced that Holliday gets around with a cane if someone had tried hard enough.  It seems just plausible enough.

Cardinals Hall of Fame

  • John Fleming wrote about the eight finalists for the fan vote portion of the Cardinals Hall of Fame.  They are as follows: Chris Carpenter, Mark McGwire, Keith Hernandez, Scott Rolen, Joe Torre, Jason Isringhausen, Matt Morris, and Edgar Renteria.  Those are all deserving candidates but John made it a point to note that Ray Lankford is not on this list to which I say that's ridiculous.  I'm not going to do a run-down of Lankford's stats right now but a case can be made that he's the second best centerfielder the Cardinals have ever had.  One Lankford stat I will note though is that he hit more home runs at Busch Memorial Stadium than any other Cardinal.  I've always loved that one.
Enjoy your Tuesday, everyone.