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2016 MLB Draft

2016 Draft Preview Number Seven

Continuing on a theme from last week, we're looking at another round of three righthanders from the college ranks

2016 Draft Preview Number Six

The first of what will likely be several posts covering college right-handed pitchers, because this draft is sort of loaded with them.

2016 Draft Preview Number Five

Three young catching prospects, all with big-time offensive potential, and featuring various levels of defensive polish and ability.

2016 Draft Preview Number Four

Three outfielders, of the college variety, all of whom will likely be long gone by the time the Cardinals get their shot at the draft board in June

2016 Draft Preview Number Three

There aren't a whole lot of players in this year's draft who qualify as capital b Bats among the college ranks this year. However, there are at least three, and here they are.

2016 Draft Preview Number Two

Some very early favourites on the positional side of the 2016 draft class.

2016 Draft Preview Number One

A trio of pitchers, favoured by the author, for selection in the 2016 draft, assuming the team being covered has any draft picks with which to choose them.

2016 Draft Preview 0.2

The second installment of the draft preview for 2016 sees three returning players from ages past, including one favourite coming around for a second tease of the author.

2016 Draft Preview 0.1

Officially kicking off the 2016 draft season, with some generalities and a look at three players returning to the draft board from just this past June.