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2016 MLB Draft

Updating the 2016 Draftees

Checking in again with the Cardinals’ most recent crop of draftees as their first minor league season draws to a close.

The 2016 Shadow Draft

In which the author offers his own selections in the most recent draft, attempting to illuminate the paths taken by rationalising those that were not.

2016 Draft Review Number Two

The later rounds of the draft always yield some intriguing talent, if not necessarily anything close to a finished product. So let's take a look at what the Cardinals took in the back half of the draft, shall we?

Cardinals MLB Draft Recap and Signings Tracker

Recapping the draft and looking at early efforts to sign players.

2016 Draft: Rounds Six to Fifteen in Review

Going through the Cards' picks in the middle rounds of the draft, one pick at a time.

Pick #166: Walker Robbins, 1B/OF

A second bat-heavy high schooler for the Cardinals in the first five rounds of the draft. No, you're not the only one really surprised at the moment.

Pick #136: Jeremy Martinez, C, USC

In the fourth round, the Redbirds dipped into the ranks of college catchers for Jeremy Martinez, a backstop with defensive tools and outstanding plate discipline.

Craig Edwards talks MLB Draft, Delvin Perez, PEDs

In a live video, Managing Editor Craig Edwards discusses the Cardinals draft and a few other Cardinals related topics.

Pick #106: Zac Gallen, RHP, UNC

The Cards go back to the polished college pitcher well for their third-round pick, and grab one who looks very promising.

2016 Draft: Day Two

Following a surprising and occasionally exhilarating first night of the draft, day two dawns with plenty of talent still on the board.

Pick #70: Connor Jones, RHP, UVA

The Cardinals go for another college righthander, one without great stuff, and without great results.

Pick #34: Dakota Hudson, RHP, Mississippi State

A tall college righthander with big stuff? Ah, seems like the Cardinals are returning to form, now.

Pick #33: Dylan Carlson, OF/1B, Elk Grove HS

Another surprising pick for the Cardinals under new scouting director Randy Flores, Dylan Carlson has big offensive upside but questions in other areas.

Cards Take Delvin Perez #23

Well, that pick was certainly somewhat unexpected.

2016 Draft Thread

Heading into the 2016 draft, here are some players your humble narrator especially likes, and some thoughts on what the Cardinals might do.

2016 Draft Preview Number Twenty-Two

The long-in-coming final edition of player profiles for the 2016 draft is finally here, with high school hitters and bonus content aplenty.

2016 Draft Preview Number Twenty-One

Double the normal number of players scouted!

2016 Draft Preview Number Twenty

A last group of college pitchers, in a draft absolutely loaded with examples of the form.

2016 Draft Preview Number Nineteen

Reviewing three high school position players, all of whom have the skillsets to do multiple things on a baseball diamond, and occasionally elsewhere.

2016 Draft Preview Number Eighteen

Looking at three bat-first players, slightly less heralded than some others, who could nonetheless make big impacts down the road.

2016 Draft Preview Number Seventeen

Yet another batch of college right-handers, scouted and written up for your edification and entertainment.

2016 Draft Preview Number Sixteen

The first edition of the less-heralded prospect report.

2016 Draft Preview Number Fifteen

Even more righthanders of the college variety, in case you haven't had enough already.

2016 Draft Preview Number Fourteen

More draft previews, this time focusing on catchers drawn from the ranks of college baseball.

2016 Draft Preview Number Fourteen

Three more players for your consideration and enlightenment, this time drawn from the ranks of college hitters.

2016 Draft Preview Number Thirteen

Taking a look at three high school hitters, all three of whom present uncommon offensive upside.

2016 Draft Preview Extra

Checking back in on some college players already profiled.

2016 Draft Preview Number Twelve

Previewing a trio of the most stuff-heavy high school pitchers in this June's draft class.

2016 Draft Preview Number Eleven

Another installment of the draft preview series for 2016, this time focused on left-handed pitchers from the college ranks.

2016 Draft Preview Number Ten

In the latest edition of the draft preview series for 2016, we take a look at three high school outfielders, all of whom offer potentially elite physical tools.

2016 Draft Preview Number Nine

Profiling three high schoolers, all of whom play the infield, and present intriguing combinations of tools and skills, along with overall very high ceilings in general.

2016 Draft Preview Number Eight

A look at one of the thinnest areas of the 2016 draft class, that of college infielders.


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