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Reason #2 to sign Jason Heyward - A Hunt and Peck

Speed kills

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

How I love the sight of this man running
Speed and grace unexpected and stunning.
Humans that size just do not move that quick.
If he left next year it would make me sick.
I would miss his gait, so smooth and divine.
Just pay the man - Jason Heyward, please sign!

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the pittsburgh pirates

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  • Standings:
    St. Louis Cardinals 86 47 .647 -
    Pittsburgh Pirates 79 53 .598 6.5
    Chicago Cubs 75 57 .568 10.5
    Milwaukee Brewers 58 75 .436 28.0
    Cincinnati Reds 55 77 .417 30.5
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other things...

weekly scoreboard:
Monday, August 31 Nationals 5 Cardinals 8 FB Recap VEB Recap
Tuesday, September 1 Nationals 5 Cardinals 8 FB Recap VEB Recap
Wednesday, September 2 Nationals 4 Cardinals 3 FB Recap VEB Recap

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