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Cardinals vs. Brewers Preview Part II: Q&A with Noah Jarosh of Brew Crew Ball

Talking Brewers-Cardinals with a Brewers fan!

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The Cardinals are set to take on the Brewers in a four-game set September 24 - 27. Earlier, I previewed the series by going over some of the top moments of the season series so far. Since then, Noah Jarosh of Brew Crew Ball kindly agreed to indulge in answering some of my ridiculous and ill-prepared questions. Be sure to check out what he and the rest of Brew Crew Ball are up to!

Viva el Birdos: I should first and foremost apologize for harassing you on several social media platforms and over e-mail. So, uh, sorry about that! Now... to the terribly-written questions! Early Thursday morning I published a post with the top eight (in honor of Yogi) Cardinals-Brewers moments so far this season, with a pretty heavy bias towards Cardinals moments. So to be fair and include some Brewers-centric moments, do you have a favorite moment/game from the season series so far? What might that be?

Brew Crew Ball: Have...have the Brewers won a game against the Cardinals this year? Because that would be my favorite moment, but I'm just not sure it actually happened. I feel like I remember it, but that might just be a fever dream.

Actually, looking it over, it looks like I have four to choose from. I could say the Brewers scoring two runs in the eighth to take the lead and the win on August 9 but in the end, what did that really matter? The Brewers weren't really helped, and the Cardinals weren't really hurt. A game was played, a result was resulted, and nothing changed.

I guess by default, I almost have to say it was the win on April 26. There aren't any real standout moments about that game, but it's the only Brewers win over the Cardinals in 2015 that actually felt like it mattered. It was early enough that the Brewers could still be considered relevant. The only thing that could match that is spoiling something for the Cardinals, but they're far enough ahead there's barely anything to spoil.

Fair is fair:

VEB: When the illustrious Aaron Finkel last spoke with you, the Brewers were on the cusp of selling everything that was not nailed down. Now that they have, for the most part, what do you think is next for the team? How do you feel about what they did at the trade deadline?

BCB: The Brewers absolutely crushed the trade deadline. They got a ton -- including the best organizational prospect -- from a team with one of the deepest farm systems in baseball for Carlos Gomez and Mike Fiers. I miss Gomez every day, but neither of those players was likely to be a key part of a contending Brewers team when Milwaukee gets back to that point.

Guys like Brett Phillips, Domingo Santana, Adrian Houser and Josh Hader could be, though. Getting Zach Davies for Gerardo Parra is also a coup. Ditching the remains of Jonathan Broxton for anything was worthwhile, and to get someone with actual potential talent was even better. Getting something for Aramis Ramirez.

The only complaint I have about the trade deadline is they didn't also somehow deal Francisco Rodriguez. But I'll gladly take what they did do.

What's next from this, is the Brewers build to hopefully compete again in the not-too-distant future. Santana is already up and Phillips shouldn't be far behind. Davies is contributing. Houser and Hader are on the brink. Orlando Arcia is climbing prospect lists at rapid-fire rates and is only a year or two away. The Brewers farm system is suddenly very good. Now we just have to be patient and hope it turns out.

VEB: Sort of on that note, what is one (or two, or three) thing(s) you are really looking forward to for the Brewers in 2016?

BCB: The entire minor league system is the number one thing, for me. I think 2016 is going to be much more important for the Brewers there than with anything in the majors because -- let's face it -- the Brewers won't compete next year, clearly. Tracking the progress of the super-exciting 2014-2015 draft classes is going to be thrilling in it's own way, though.

At the major league level, it will be good to watch Domingo Santana get playing time all year. He might be a total bust, but he's going to at least make it interesting. The guy has a ton of power, a good throwing arm, and a propensity for striking out. He's a 3TO player, but he might end up being a superb 3TO player.

I'm also looking forward to Matt Garza being a year closer to free agency. That will be nice.

VEB: Scooter Gennett and I are pretty much best friends now, as you may be aware, but that has never stopped him from being a real thorn in the side of my favorite baseball team. Are there any Cardinal players that are just really pesky for the Brewers - always getting that big hit, making that big play, pitching a gem?

BCB: that a serious question though? EVERY PLAYER THE CARDINALS HAVE HAD IS A THORN IN THE BREWERS SIDE. Since the Brewers got good again in 2007, they are 65-84 against St. Louis. Since 2010, 39-62. It's disgusting. It's the most frustrating thing in the entire world. First 1982, then the last decade. The 2011 NLCS. Everything.

The 2011 NLCS? I think I need a refresher set to alternative rock music:

The Cardinals call up a non-prospect for a spot start, they throw eight shutout innings against the Brewers. A key Cardinals player gets hurt and they bring in some Ryan Theriot-wannabe who bloops in constant three-hit games against Milwaukee. John Lackey turns into a Cy Young contender. I don't know. Everything. I, I want to believe karma will even things out, y'know? But I'm convinced at this point that the Cardinals will just never be bad again. And if they ever are bad, they'll still take the season series against the Brewers.

VEB: says TBD for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday's Brewers starters. You wouldn't happen to know who those players might be, would you?

BCB: Taylor Jungmann, followed by Ariel Pena, followed by Tyler Wagner, followed by Tyler Cravy in this series. A real who's-who of some of the great pitchers in the league. But, really, it's nice to see all these guys get shots. Jimmy Nelson, Matt Garza and Wily Peralta are all shut down for the year, so why not see what you have in those four? Jungmann has already been excellent much of the year -- hopefully the other three can earn a bit of respect down the home stretch as well.

VEB: Prediction time! I bet I say "F****n' Khris Davis" at least once and I am going out on limb and saying Jhonny Peralta will get thrown out at the plate on Friday. What say you, Noah?

BCB: < 3 Khris Davis

I'm going to say the Brewers sweep the Cardinals. Bank on it.

Game Specs:

Thu. 09/24 1800: Taylor Jungmann (9-6, 3.31 ERA)
vs. Michael "Wachamole" Wacha (16-6, 3.08 ERA)
Fri. 09/25 1900: Ariel Pena (2-0, 3.50 ERA)
vs. Carlos "El Gallo" Martinez (14-7, 3.01 ERA)
Sat. 09/26 1800: Tyler Wagner (0-0, 12.27 ERA)
vs. Jaime "Hotme" Garcia (9-5, 2.45 ERA)
Sun. 09/27 1300: Tyler Cravy (0-8, 5.97 ERA)
vs. John "Peanut" Lackey (13-9, 2.74 ERA)