Is it too soon to talk playoff rosters again?

Watching the second string take the field in the middle of last nights win over the Reds left me wondering which of those players would not be seen again once the playoffs start.

Per the ever-reliable Wikipedia, the playoff roster rules are as follows: "A postseason roster is allowed up to 25 active players...Rosters for a series are set at the beginning of the series and no changes to the 25-man active roster are allowed except when a player is moved to the disabled list or any other inactive transaction. If a player is moved to the disabled list or another inactive transaction during a series, he then becomes ineligible to be returned to the 25-man active roster for the remainder of the series as well as the next series if applicable."

Craig touched on this topic a few weeks ago here. Key line: "Any sample size, whether from starters, relievers or rehabbing outfielders, is likely going to be too small to make a decent decision based on traditional statistics." Well we have a sample now and what do we know? Holliday is alive and likely taking a roster spot. Same for Grichuk. So if the Cards go with 13 position players (2014 NLDS had 2 C, 6 IF, 5 OF).

You've got 2 catchers (hoping one is Yadi), and 5 definite ins of Grichuk, Heyward, Carpenter, Peralta, and Wong leaving 6 spots to get a bench, a starting LF, and a starting 1B. Holliday, Adams, Piscotty, Reynolds, Moss, Kozma, Pham, Jay, Garcia, Bourjos seem to be the options. With Moss' ability to play OF, Heyward's ability to play CF, and no backup SS I think Kozma is in. I think it's those first 6 leaving Pham, Jay, Garcia, and Bourjos out in the cold. What do you think? Is Pham's hot bat worth more than Kozma's ability to play SS (meaning Wong or Carp could be playing there should Peralta suffer a minor injury)? Is Holliday ready? Garcia over Pham and Kozma?