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Cardinals vs. Brewers Preview: Top eight moments of 2015

Let's relive the top eight moments from the Brewers-Cardinals matchups this season.

the idea is to pick the most unflattering photos of the other team as possible
the idea is to pick the most unflattering photos of the other team as possible
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The Cardinals and the Brewers have faced each other fifteen times this season, with El Birdos winning eleven of those contests. By now most of us have a pretty good idea of what the Brewers bring to the table, and if not, I went over most of that last week when the Cardinals faced them and Aaron Finkel did an interview with Noah Jarosh earlier this year. So, instead of trying to preview the future, let's remember some of the most exciting moments from this past season series. This was going to be another "Top Six" type post in honor of the greatest Cardinal of them all, Stan Musial, but in remembrance of Yogi Berra, who passed away on Tuesday night, this will be the top eight moments. Rest in peace, Yogi.

First, we start with the worst-est moment ever.


Now, on to the fun stuff.

7. Jaime Garcia pitches in his third game of the year

6. This play by Yadier Molina

5. And this catch by Jason Heyward

4.The Cardinals come out swinging

3. Tommy Pham's great day

2. Heyward's go-ahead homer

1. Carlos Martinez dominates

Did I miss something? Then share it below so we all can see it!

Game Specs:

Thu. 09/24 1800: Taylor Jungmann (9-6, 3.31 ERA)
vs. Michael "Wachamole" Wacha (16-6, 3.08 ERA)
Fri. 09/25 1900: TBD
vs. Carlos "El Gallo" Martinez (14-7, 3.01 ERA)
Sat. 09/26 1800: TBD
vs. Jaime "Hotme" Garcia (9-5, 2.45 ERA)
Sun. 09/27 1300: TBD
vs. John "Peanut" Lackey (13-9, 2.74 ERA)