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St. Louis Cardinals podcast: Jonathan Broxton vs. Khris Davis platoon splits; Jaime Garcia's health and club options; Matt Adams and Jon Jay's health; the potential postseason roster; and Matt Carpenter's hot streak

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Viva El Birdos site manager Ben Humphrey is joined by Editor Joe Schwarz to discuss St. Louis Cardinals baseball. The duo discussed the following topics:

  • Mathenaging: Jonathan Broxton's platoon splits vs. Khris Davis's platoon splits
  • Jaime Garcia's health, effectiveness, and 2016 club option
  • Matt Adams, Jordan Walden, and Jon Jay's health
  • Possible October starting rotation
  • Possible October roster decisions
  • Matt Carpenter's hot streak

The VEB Podcast is available to listen to via the below embed, the VEB Podcast Buzzsprout page, Stitcher, and iTunes. If you are an iTunes listener, please consider subscribing to the Viva El Birdos Podcast and writing a review.

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