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Half-Shirt, Full Extension: The Shirt. A CardsCare Fundrasier, Part II

In the words of Aaron Finkel, "Donate your awesome money. Get an awesome shirt."

Cobra Kai Screen Prints

Who can forget last year's inaugural VEB t-shirt fundraiser: Viva el Gallo? It was and is a fantastic shirt that took the site by storm, and I feel comfortable saying we can attribute El Gallo's success this in year in part to it. Building off that success, we would like to debut this year's fundraising shirt, but first, a brief introduction.

Over the past three years, Viva el Birdos has been a proud participant in the Cardinals Care 6K, a race in honor of the late Stan Musial (thus the six), of which proceeds go to benefit Cardinals Care, an organization devoted to serving the youth of St. Louis. Viva el Birdos has raised over $15,000 for Cardinals care since 2012, with a large majority of that coming from you loyal readers. And so, to show our appreciation for your donations, we will once again present to every individual donating $40 (or more) a sparkling, new shirt. All you have to do is:

  1. Go to this link to donate to the fundraising team:
    Or this one to help the non-fundraising team reach their $75 dollar minimums:
  2. Click the red "Donate" button next to the team member of your choice (each member has a $75 minimum to raise) and submit your tax-deductible donation. The final day to donate is September 4.
  3. E-mail me,, providing the following information:
    Address where the shirt can be shipped to
    T-Shirt Size
And then that is it! Expect your t-shirt in the mail by early October!

At this point you might be wondering what the t-shirt actually looks like. This year's theme is in support of Jim Edmonds's Hall of Fame candidacy. As most of you already know, Edmonds played eight seasons wearing the Birds on the Bat, going to the World Series with the club twice and winning it all in 2006. His best season was undoubtedly his 2004 season, where he made up one-third of the MV3 with 8.3 fWAR. One of his most notable moments of the 2004 postseason was his game and series-saving catch in the NLCS against then divisional foes, the Houston Astros. I mean, sure, if you insist, we can watch it again:

The catch was so iconic we chose to forever immortalize it with the 2015 Viva el Run t-shirt, again with special thanks to VEBer brackenthebox for once again bringing the idea to life with his artistic eye and design skills. Another thanks goes to Cobra Kai in Alton, Illinois for making this sample for us! Mack Ellis was unavailable to model this year's shirt, so here is just a sample (we again plan to use the American Apparel brand from last year):

Although, perhaps more notable than that famous catch was Edmonds proudly wearing this:

Which is why the phrase "Half Shirt, Full Extension" is being suggested as a slogan for the shirt. If that is something people would like, please vote in the poll below. Here is a rough sample of the shirt with the slogan:

Feel free to turn this shirt into a half shirt. Wear it under your work clothes, or McDonald's uniform, as Jimmy Ballgame once suggested.

One final note: For those that were interested in last year's "Viva el Gallo" shirt, but were unable to get one, please send me an e-mail at as I think I may have a possible solution for you.

Thanks again for your continued support as we try to raise money for this wonderful cause. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments, tweet me @lil_scooter93, or e-mail me.

The link to donate one last time:

Donate to Cardinals Care!