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The FBI has questions about the St. Louis Cardinals' 2015 MLB Draft - A Cardstoon

The 2015 draft was weird and now we know that the man in charge --Chris Correa-- admitted to hacking into the Astros' database.

The 2015 MLB Draft left many who follow the St. Louis Cardinals scratching their heads in befuddlement. Here was a team known to favor college pitchers and wooden-bat league hitters who was suddenly calling the names of high schoolers and position players. The first 11 rounds saw the Cardinals select 7 hitters and 7 high schoolers compared to 5 hitters and 2 high schoolers in 2014, which left some wondering if Chris Correa was going to do things differently. It was an exciting but risky deviation from recent drafts.

But then Correa admitted to gaining unauthorized access to the Astros' database --known as Ground Control-- and has since been fired. His lawyer quickly pointed blame back towards the Astros, alleging that they were the ones guilty of stealing information from the Cardinals. Only time will tell if the FBI and/or the Cardinals can uncover other perpetrators from either side, but the whole thing makes you wonder if anyone's totally blameless here.

So anyway... here's a cartoon with mascots and FBI agents.