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Choose Jason Motte's Own Adventure Finale

The Cubs have won the World Series on a Cardinals blog and it's all your fault, VEB.

Remember six months ago when I thought it'd be great to create a Choose Your Own Adventure version of Cardstoons? Well, today you get the finale but you're not going to like it.

Here's a quick recap of the first two installments:

  • Jason Motte and Daniel Descalso cash in on free agency. VEB decides that Motte will live modestly and donate to charity instead of investing in a new business or buying a ton of goats to reverse the Cubs' curse.
  • Having done the pure and noble thing, the Gods of Baseball smile upon Motte and allow the Cubs to reach an NLCS Game 7, where Motte needs to decide how to pitch Yasiel Puig with the game on the line. VEB decides that Motte will go with his best pitch, the four-seamer, instead of walking Puig or throwing cutters.
Hope you're proud of yourselves, VEB. When faced with the opportunity to bring calamity upon an old friend who's now playing for the enemy, you made all of the right choices. But now you have to live with them.

CYOA Motte Finale

BY THE WAY: If there are any illustrators out there who would like to contribute to Cardstoons, I'd love to generate more content. Send me an e-mail or message on Twitter.