A Star Wars Narrative For Cardinal Player Development

The Cardinals have been quite successful in training their Jedi-in-training in the art of using the force to manipulate the movement of thrown objects. They are well-stocked with trainees who have mastered the art of "late life" that allows their projectiles to miss the bats of the opposition, and this has been important since some of their Jedi Masters have been down for repairs. For example, when Sir Wainwright forgot to use the force to levitate, his act of launching his body conventionally met with disastrous results.

On the other hand, the Cardinals have been somewhat frustrated with a relative lack of results for their trainees in the art of striking objects thrust before them. Despite the memo that blindfolding was to be used only in training exercises, clearly, some of the trainees were wearing blindfolds into active competition, and they were achieving somewhat random results.

One of their stalled Jedi-in-training by the name of Patrick Wisdom was instructed to fly to Jupiter to consult with Yoda, A.K.A., George Greer, for the purpose of, well ... acquiring wisdom. Now, some two months later, Wisdom appears to be well on his way to becoming a Jedi Master. Now, is it coinincidental that since Wisdom's return from Jupiter, another stalled Jedi by the name of Anthony Garcia has shown huge developmental strides. I suspect that Wisdom is being imparted to Mr. Garcia telepathically or otherwise. Will this trend continue? Stay tuned.