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St. Louis Cardinals podcast - All-Star Game; how good is Jhonny Peralta; Matt Holliday, Randal Grichuk, and outfield playing time; why is Pete Kozma on the team; Stephen Piscotty and first base; and the franchise four

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Craig Edwards, Fangraphs writer and Viva El Birdos Editor, joins VEB Editor-in-Chief Ben Humphrey on the VEB Podcast to discuss Major League Baseball generally and the St. Louis Cardinals in particular. The pair discussed:

  • 2015 MLB All-Star Game
  • Wanting to watch Carlos Martinez pitch
  • How good Jhonny Peralta is as a shortstop
  • Why Pete Kozma is on the roster
  • The outfield picture after Matt Holliday's activation
  • Randal Grichuk as everyday players and trade bait
  • How bad first base has been
  • Stephen Piscotty at first base experiment
  • The Cardinals' Franchise Four

The VEB Podcast is available to listen to via the below embed, the VEB Podcast Buzzsprout page, Stitcher, and iTunes. It sometimes includes swear words. If you are an iTunes listener, please consider subscribing to the Viva El Birdos Podcast and writing a review.

If you have a question or would like for us to discuss a topic on a future VEB Podcast episode, please email me. Click on my name in the byline above. That will take you to my SBN profile page, which includes my VEB-focused Gmail address.