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2015.07.10 Cardinals at Pirates Recap: Cardinals drop game two, but add another All Star

Operation #VoteTsunami was a resounding success.

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pre game

Cardinals lineup:

5 - Matt Carpenter

4 - Kolten Wong

6 - Jhonny Peralta

9- Jason Heyward

2 - Yadier Molina

7 - Randal Grichuk

3 - Dan Johnson

8 - Tommy Pham

1 - Lance Lynn

Pirates lineup:

9 - Gregory Polanco

4 - Neil Walker

8 - Andrew McCutchen

5 - Jung Ho Kang

6 - Jordy Mercer

3 - Pedro Alvarez

7 - Travis Ishikawa

2 - Chris Stewart

1 - Gerrit Cole


Pitcher A:

IP:     110 1/3

K/9:    9.22

BB/9:  2.12

HR/9:  0.49

ERA:  2.28

FIP:    2.60

fWAR: 2.7

Pitcher B:

IP:     92.1

K/9:    9.45

BB/9:  3.02

HR/9:  0.49

ERA:   2.53

FIP:     2.72

fWAR: 2.4


Gerrit Cole versus Lance Lynn. This was the matchup this series that everyone circled on their calendars- well, they would have if people actually used calenders anymore. The point is, this was a highly anticipated matchup, and rightfully so. On Friday, two pitchers with similar stats, similar pitching repertoires, and similar hair styles, oddly, were set to pitch against each other. The competition was expected to be fierce as runs should have been difficult to come by.

Unfortunately for the Cardinals this was not the case. The Cardinals, led by the strength of their pitching staff this year, have been sensational in close games, but tonight Lance Lynn was not at his best, surrendering nine hits and one walk in four innings of work. He struggled to keep the ball out of the middle of the plate, which burned him, especially in the fourth inning when he gave up a two-run bomb to Neil f*****g Walker. The Pirates plated other runs in the earlier innings off Lynn in the first and third innings as Lynn was just allowing a lot of solid contact. Lance did notch five strikeouts, which was a bit of a silver lining.

Another silver lining was Matt Carpenter hitting a two-run home run to straight-away centerfield in the top of the third. This was his first homerun since May 13, which was in the first series after he returned from being diagnosed with exhuastion. This home run contributed to the Birdos only runs of the game, though the team was able to put nine men on base via seven hits and two walks.

In the end, Pitcher A was the victor. But do not be surprised if this matchup shows up again many more times.

stray thoughts:

  • Although the Cardinals lost the game, I am incredibly pleased to write that Carlos Martinez won the final vote and made the All Star team. I watched his interview with Pat Parris before the game, and he looked so absolutely happpy that I couldn't help but smille. For whatever reason, this - the fans rallying to vote him in with the Final Vote - just feels like the way it was meant to be. Twitter says #VoteTsunami had 274,000 tweets about it at the time of this writing, so throughout the day it was probably much more. Jen Langosh tweeted that he finished with 14.1 million votes. I feel like this might be our greatest accomplishment as baseball fans.
  • Matt Carpenter gets moved back to the leadoff spot, Matt Carpenter hits a home run. Coincidence? I think not.
  • It looks like the Cardinals will not get Matt Holliday back before the All Star game, which means he won't get to play. Joc Pederson is slated to take his spot if that is the case. Sad emoji.

post game


Neil f*****g Walker.

Win Expectancy chart to be added later - just imagine it in your head

UPDATE: here.

Source: FanGraphs

Saturday John Lackey is set to take on another Pirates All Star, A.J. Burnett. Game time is 6:15pm CST.