Potential Trade Targets for 1st Base

With the injuries to Matt Adams and Matt Holliday, there is a gaping hole in the middle of the Cardinal's lineup. Until we know more about the long-term status of Holliday, and given the (reasonably greater) depth in the outfield, it seems that the logical place to upgrade the lineup is at first. Below is the list of 1B that are eligible for Free Agency in 2016 (thus, presumably, being easier trade targets). Next to each is their Zips Projection for WAR for the full year:

(I've left off Mark Reynolds and David Ortiz from this list)

The * asterisk indicates that the team possesses an option in the contract.

Chris Davis - 1.7
Edwin Encarnacion * - 1.8
Garrett Jones - 0.6
Adam Lind * - 1.3
Justin Morneau * - 0.7
Mike Napoli - 1.3
Steve Pearce - 1.1

Presumably, a team is only going to be interested in trading a starting 1B when they have no real hope of the post season. Given the current Wild Card rules, there are many, many clubs that think that they are still in it. That said, given the current standings, I would say that the A's, the Phillies, and the Brewers are definitely out of it. The only player on this list from one of those teams is Adam Lind. It is hard to say whether the Brewers would want to trade within the division, but he could probably be had for a fairly low price. Reynolds is projected to have a total WAR of 0.4, so Lind would represent an improvement of 1 Win. On the whole, I'd say he's somebody that Mo should take a look at. The Cards have a nice cushion right now, but it wouldn't take long for that to evaporate and having a stronger bench as well as a stronger line up without substantial long-term costs seems like a good move to make.