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2015 MLB Draft Day 1 Open Thread

A thread for draft discussion. Notice the incredibly creative title.

Mike Stobe/Getty Images

The draft kicks off tonight at six pm central. I think I've said about all I really have to say on the subject, as the 70,000 or so words of draft coverage would attest. (Thanks for doing the math on that one, by the way, whoever did so in the day thread. I feel like I need a nap, badly.)

Last thoughts:

I want at least one high upside bat in the first three rounds. Stallings and Nick Shumper are my favourites in that vein, probably.

Please let Walker Buehler fall to us, o lord.

Also, for the love of god, please someone ahead of the cubs select Tyler Jay. I don't think my heart could take that.

Use this thread for any and all discussion regarding the draft. There will be a separate game thread going up later for el birdos taking on the Rockies.

I'm excited. But also ready to be bitterly disappointed. Because that's just how draft day goes for me.