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Carlos Martinez's 11 strikeouts against the Dodgers in one beautiful gif


Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

St. Louis Cardinals starter Carlos Martinez had a particularly fascist outing last night against the Los Angeles Dodgers. The 23-year-old righthander notched 11 strikeouts over seven innings of work. The outing pushed Martinez's 2015 strikeout rate to 26.9%. (I prefer to use K% instead of K/9, which I explained in an old post using Adam Wainwright as an example.) That ranks 12th in MLB among starting pitchers entering play on Saturday behind these guys:

  1. Chris Archer (TB), 32.7%
  2. Danny Salazar (CLE), 31.0%
  3. Corey Kluber (CLE), 30.6%
  4. Clayton Kershaw (LAD), 30.5%
  5. Chris Sale (CHW), 30.0%
  6. Francisco Liriano (PIT), 30.0%
  7. Max Scherzer (WSH), 29.3%
  8. James Shields (SD), 29.3%
  9. Carlos Carrasco (CLE), 28.2%
  10. Gerrit Cole (PIT), 28.0%
  11. Matt Harvey (NYM), 27.6%
VEB Community member VanHicklestein (@VanHicklestein on Twitter) put together a gif that shows us the third strike of each of Martinez's 11 Ks against the Dodgers:

What a gorgeous collection of moving pixels.

Here's an inventory of those third and final strikes:
  1. Joc Pederson, Slider Looking (86 mph)
  2. Pederson, 2-Seam Fastball Caught Foul Tip (96 mph)
  3. Yasmani Grandal, Curveball Looking (85 mph)
  4. Andre Ethier, Slider Swinging (88 mph)
  5. Scott Schebler, Slider Swinging (86 mph)
  6. Enrique Hernandez, 4-Seam Fastball Swinging (94 mph)
  7. Brett Anderson, 4-Seam Fastball Swinging (94 mph)
  8. Grandal, Slider Looking (85 mph)
  9. Ethier, Slider Swinging (86 mph)
  10. Alberto Callaspo, Curveball Looking (86 mph)
  11. Anderson, Slider Looking (86 mph)
According to the Gameday algorithm, Martinez was throwing a curveball. Brooks Baseball classifies Martinez's breaking ball last night a slider. I found this interesting in the wake of the Twitter discussion between me, Craig, Derrick Goold, and others earlier in the week. Maybe we should just call it a breaking ball? Or perhaps think up a new name that properly describes its NSFW qualities but that is PG?