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Daily Farm Report: A New Format!

After a long hiatus, the DFR is back with a slightly new format that will be a bit of a work in progress. Notes and suggestions are welcome, please put anything you'd like to see on a daily basis in the comments so they can be discussed ad nauseum. Also post your lunch plans so we can judge you based on work day food preferences.

Darren Seferina
Darren Seferina

Top Farm Performers - Last Ten Days:

Darren Seferina: .378/.378/.711, 5 2B, 2 3B, 2 HR, 2 SB, 10/0 K/BB

I mean, really, when you're slugging .711 you should just go up there hacking right?  A walk only gets you to first base, you know.

Tommy Pham: .412/.467/.488, 6 2B, 3 SB, 6/7 K/BB

I count at least 22 teams that likely would have Tommy Pham on their big league roster right now and probably half of them would have him in their everyday lineup. Dude just cannot catch a break in his entire career.

Mike O'Neill: .353/.375/.476, 2 2B, 2/8 K/BB

A 27 year old in AA should probably be putting up numbers like this on a regular basis, but it's so hard to ignore O'Neill because he's such a non-typical everyman.

Alex Reyes: 11 IP, 8 H, 3 R, 2 ER, 5 BB, 21 K

2015: 2.08 ERA, 1.89 FIP, 36% strikeout rate........and is 2-5 on the year.  Sums up the state of the Palm Beach offense and the value of "Wins" as a stat all in one sentence. Reyes is still walking 12% of the hitters he's faced: In his 12 starts so far this season, Reyes has 2 or fewer walks in 7 of them, while walking 4 or more in just 3 starts. Seems like good news.

Rob Kaminsky: 13 IP, 9 H, 2 ER, 2 BB, 10 K

Opponents just keep beating the ball into the ground against Kaminsky, who's forcing 59% of all balls in play into the ground so far in his 12 starts and taking full advantage of the pitchers league he's in.

Jeff Moore posted a somewhat scathing review of his start on 6/5/2015 but if you read the whole thing, it's basically all the same complaints that scouts and evaluation personnel have had with Kaminsky forever: Too short, doesn't get good plane, mechanics aren't smooth, blah, blah, blah. The interesting thing to me is how poorly he rated Kaminsky's curveball, heretofore considered a plus pitch by most everyone who has seen him so far in his pro career.  Moore gives it a 50/55 and stated that the pitch "did not show good depth", which is the exact opposite of what I've read from nearly everyone else. Some scouts think that the pitch shows "too much" depth at times that makes it easy for hitters to lay off of and hard to throw for strikes.

Goes to show how different eyes can see different things. The results are awfully hard to argue with thus far and he's a good a "pitcher" as the Cardinals have in the entire farm system.

Probable Starters, 6/22:

State College: Juan Perez

Palm Beach: Will Anderson

Springfield: TBD

DSL Cardinals: TBD

GCL Cardinals: TBD

I will preview the Short Season leagues in the upcoming F-R posts this week, giving a look at rosters and players to watch as those leagues get underway.