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Hunt and Peck: MLB celebrates Father's Day

Happy Father's Day, everyone!

el gallo y el gallito
el gallo y el gallito

MLB and its 30 clubs will devote Father's Day to celebrating dads and increasing awareness of prostate cancer while also raising funds to fight the disease. It is part of MLB's ongoing efforts to raise awareness for various forms of cancer and a longstanding tradition now to team up with the Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) and Stand Up To Cancer. - MLB

what else is going on in baseball...

  • Max Scherzer throws a no hitter. - MLBCut4
  • He almost had a perfect game, but Jose Tabata was hit by a pitch. - Federal Baseball
    (Side note: Although the frustration is understandable, it is of this writer's belief that a perfect game should be earned, which means the pitcher must work for all twenty-seven outs. If hitters just gave up because it is "late in the game", that just seems to cheapen the whole thing. Perfect games should be really darn hard to pitch. My unwanted two cents.)
  • The Diamondbacks and Braves have made a trade. - MLB
  • And it looks kinda dumb, but let's try to rationalize it! - AZ Snake Pit
  • Alex Rodriguez got his 3000th hit. - Fangraphs
  • And it was a home run. - SBNation
  • And it shows why we love baseball. - Pinstripe Alley
  • Holy smokes, this catch by Carlos Correa. - Cut4
  • A new way to look at sample size. - Fangraphs (Introduction)Fangraphs
  • You must see King Felix's son throw out this first pitch. - Cut4
  • Tony Gwynn Jr. hit a walkoff single on Father's Day. - Cut4

what the cardinals are up to...

the miami marlins

  • The good news is, the Cardinals will miss this guy:

    The bad news is we won't get to see this guy. *pouts
    The worse news is it is because he had Tommy John surgery last year.
    The better news is he is almost ready to come back!
  • For all things Marlins, check out Fish Stripes! - Fish Stripes

the nl central

weekend scoreboard:
Friday, June 19 Cardinals 12 Phillies 4 VEB Recap TGP Recap
Saturday, June 20 Cardinals 10 Phillies 1 VEB Recap TGP Recap
Sunday, June 21 Cardinals 2 Phillies 9 VEB Recap TGP Recap

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