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Hunt and Peck: In 1957 Stan Musial set an NL record for endurance

823 consecutive games

i do not know what is going on here and i do not care
i do not know what is going on here and i do not care
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

On June 12, 1957 Stan Musial started first base in a game at Connie Mack stadium against the Philadelphia Phillies. The result was a 4-0 victory by the Cardinals, the team's eighth win in a row. Stan finished the game with a .356/.420/.619 batting line, having gone two-for-four with a double and a run scored, and the National League record for consecutive games played at 823, passing the previous mark set twenty years earlier by Gus Suhr of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

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other things...

weekly scoreboard:
Monday, June 8 Cardinals 3 Rockies 11 VEB Recap PR Recap
Tuesday, June 9 Cardinals 3 Rockies 4 VEB Recap PR Recap
Wednesday, June 10 Cardinals 4 Rockies 2 VEB Recap PR Recap

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