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Hunt and Peck: Donate to Cardinals Care!

For the children!

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Cardinals Care is the community foundation of the St. Louis Cardinals. Through this foundation the team is able to support the St. Louis area youth by funding health, educational, recreational, mentoring, and arts programs. One of the main fundraisers for the Cardinals Care foundation is its annual 6K. This race takes the runner around downtown St. Louis for six kilometers - six in honor of the late Stan Musial - and finishes on the field. Since 2012 Viva el Birdos has been a proud participant in this event, raising over $15,000 for Cardinals Care in that time. Of course, we could not have done it without the wonderful assistance of you kind, charitable readers. And so, it is time to ask for your help once again.

We at Viva el Birdos, a group of writers and loyal readers, will once again be running in this 6K for charity. Last year we as community raised over $7,000 for the children of the St. Louis area. As is the case every year, we will be trying to surpass the amount of the previous year. It is an ambitious goal, and if we have a prayer at meeting it we must get an early start. And so we ask for your help, VEB, in whatever way you can. Whether it is in the form of a tax deductible donation, tickets or merchandise we can raffle off, t-shirt designs, fundraiser ideas, or simply spreading the word of our endeavor, all help is appreciated.

One of my favorite things about this community is how we band together outside The Internets for things like this wonderful event. It just further shows this place is so much more than a Cardinals blog - it is truly a community of compassionate and good people. Stay awesome, folks!

Click here to donate to Cardinals Care! Viva el Birdos Team 1 (Main Fundraising Team); Viva el Birdos Team 2

You can check out some of previous campaigns here: Viva el Run 20122014

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    the pittsburgh pirates

    the nl central

    St. Louis Cardinals 21 7 .750
    Chicago Cubs 14 13 .519
    Cincinnati Reds 14 14 .500
    Pittsburgh Pirates 13 15 .464
    Milwaukee Brewers 9 20 .310
    viva el stuff...

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    weekly scoreboard:
    Monday, May 4 Cubs 9 Cardinals 10 VEB Recap BCB Recap
    Tuesday, May 5 Cubs 4 Cardinals 7 VEB Recap BCB Recap
    Wednesday, May 6 Cubs 6 Cardinals 5 VEB Recap BCB Recap
    Thursday, May 7 Cubs 1 Cardinals 5 VEB Recap BCB Recap

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