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Hunt and Peck: Cardinals dominate in first All Star Game Update

Matt Holliday, Matt Carpenter, Jhonny Peralta, and Yadier Molina are all slated to start the Summer Classic as of now.

make jhonny an all star, darnit!
make jhonny an all star, darnit!
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On Tuesday and Wednesday, Major League Baseball released an update on the leading vote-getters for American League and National League teams in the 2015 All Star Game. In the AL, the Royals lead to the way, having five representatives as the leaders for their respective positions and catcher, Salvador Perez, as the leader for the team.

Now, to what we actually care about, the National League Team. As of now, the Cardinals are poised to send four players to start the All Star Game; Matt Carpenter, Matt Holliday, Yadier Molina, and Jhonny Peralta. Carpenter is second among NL third baseman in Wins Above Replacement with 2.3, but is first in wRC+ (161), batting average (.314), wOBA (.406) and doubles (17). Matt Holliday ranks eleventh among NL outfielders in fWAR (1.0), fourth in wRC+ (145), second in on base percentage (.433), and third in batting average (.320).

The two closest races for the Birdos are at shortstop and catcher. Peralta has a slight 24,000 vote lead over second place Starlin Castro. Since coming to the Cardinals last year, Peralta has been the best shortstop in the league. This year he is second in the NL in fWAR (1.3), wRC+ (138), on base percentage (.365),  wOBA (.372), and leads all qualified shortstops in home runs (7), and batting average (.305).

The most difficult case to make among Cardinal starters is for Molina. Yadi is one of only four qualified catchers in the NL. Of these four, Yadi ranks third in fWAR (.7), and wRC+ (87), the emptiness of his .326 batting average, good for second, contributing to the poor offensive statistics. However, despite being 32 years old, Molina leads the league in innings caught (374) and games started (42) and has the best caught stealing percent, giving him the highest defensive fWAR among catcher at 4.2. Molina also has a sparkling reputation as an excellent catcher and sometimes that is all you need and I ain't even mad.

You can place your votes here. Of course, vote for whomever you want, but you have to vote for Jhonny Peralta the most.

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  • Standings:

St. Louis Cardinals 31 16 .660
Chicago Cubs 25 21 .543
Pittsburgh Pirates 25 22 .532
Cincinnati Reds 19 27 .413
Milwaukee Brewers 16 32 .333
viva el stuff...

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