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Hunt and Peck: Michael Wacha meets Wacha

Adorable antics ensued, I am sure.

unintelligible noises
unintelligible noises
Twitter/Andy Cohen

St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Michael Wacha was pretty excited to finally meet Andy Cohen's dog, Wacha. #STLCards

Posted by FOX Sports Midwest on Wednesday, May 20, 2015

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  • Standings:
    St. Louis Cardinals 27 14 .659
    Chicago Cubs 23 17 .575
    Cincinnati Reds 18 22 .450
    Pittsburgh Pirates 18 22 .450
    Milwaukee Brewers 15 27 .357
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    weekly scoreboard:

    Monday, May 18 Cardinals 1 Mets 2 VEB Recap AA Recap
    Tuesday, May 19 Cardinals 10 Mets 2 VEB Recap AA Recap
    Wednesday, May 20 Cardinals 9 Mets 0 VEB Recap AA Recap
    Thursday, May 21 Cardinals 0 Mets 5 VEB Recap AA Recap

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