VEB Day 2015 - Updates and Info

Hello again, VEBers (please feel free to endlessly discuss how to pronounce this in the the comments). As you may know, VEB Day is rapidly approaching (Saturday, May 30), so there are some details to discuss!

Transportation: A number of you live outside the city or in the weird netherworld of the "kind of city, but kind of not" region and will be driving in to attend the game. You can park on your own if you choose (and I will be happy to recommend some inexpensive and convenient parking areas if need be), or we can arrange a carpool situation. I have a bounty of parking spaces at my house(about 1.2 miles from the stadium), so if you'd like to park at my house and ride to the stadium from there, that is not a problem. Ebo has also generously offered to allow people to park at his house if needed, from which you can catch a shuttle to the stadium.

Drinks Before the Game: In the interest of keeping this simple, I'm going to say that we'll go to 4 Hands before the game, same as last year. If anyone has #strong objections to this, please bring it up in the comments.

Drinks After the Game: We can either a) return to 4 Hands or a nearby bar, or b) go to someone's house. It can be my house; I don't mind. Transportation will be arranged when we determine how many people opt to continue hanging out after the game. NO DRIVING DRUNK. For real, I will take your keys away if necessary.

Tickets: I currently have all the tickets. I will bring them with me to 4 Hands before the game, so if you plan to be there, I will give you your ticket at that point. Can't make it to 4 Hands before the game? No problem, just contact me with where you'd like to meet, and I will find you to hand it off.

Questions and Comments: Need to get in touch with me? My email is in my profile or you can DM me on Twitter or whatever. If you think you're going to want to park at my house or will need to meet up somewhere other than 4 Hands to get your ticket, you can email me to get my address/phone number.

Anything else? Don't forget, this is an evening game (6:15 pm). Also, it is Ozzie bobblehead night, so if that's important to you, plan your time accordingly.

Finally, even if you didn't purchase a ticket (or if you have a ticket but not with the group), feel free to join us before or after the game!