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St. Louis Cardinas roster matrix: Post-Wainwright injury and Cooney experiment edition

Let's try this again.

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

On Friday I posted an updated version of the St. Louis Cardinals 40-man roster matrix that reflected the roster shuffle of the preceding week. About 30 minutes later, the Cardinals announced another round of roster moves. Over the past week the Cardinals have made the following roster moves:

  • Sunday: Adam Wainwright to 15-day DL
  • Sunday: Catcher Cody Stanley promoted to St. Louis
  • Thursday: Wainwright to 60-day DL (which removed him from the 40-man roster)
  • Thursday: Stanley optioned to Triple-A
  • Thursday: Lefthanded starter Tim Cooney added to 40-man and active 25-man roster
  • Friday: Outfielder Tommy Pham to 60-day DL (which removed him from the 40-man roster)
  • Friday: Cooney optioned to Triple-A
  • Friday: Righthanded reliever Miguel Socolovich added to 40-man and active 25-man roster
Socolovich is the quintessential fungible righthanded reliever. He has notched just 16 1/3 big-league innings (all in 2012) before this year compared to 201 1/3 Triple-A innings in 134 relief appearances and two starts. In Triple-A, the righty has posted a 10.1 K/9 and 3.8 BB/9. Socolovich appears to be a reak-glass-in-case-of-emergency reliever. I'm not sure what role that shifts Mitch Harris to, but I guess we'll just have to see how manager Mike Matheny uses the relief corps against the Pirates.

Depending on how one classifies Carlos Villanueva (the seeming frontrunner at present to take the rotation turn that was once Wainwright's the next time it comes around), the St. Louis 25-man active roster has the following composition for the weekend series against the Pirates:
  • Four starting pitchers (as opposed to the usual five)
  • Nine relief pitchers (as opposed to the usual seven)
  • Twelve position players (as opposed to the usual thirteen)
  • Four bench players, including backup catcher Tony Cruz (as opposed to the usual five)
Hopefully this updated roster matrix has more than the 30-minute shelf life that yesterday's did. I've included Pham and Wainwright on it even though both players are now on the 60-day DL which means they are no longer on the 40-man roster. I've decided to include them as a reminder that, when (if?) healthy, they will take up a spot on the 40-man roster.