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Hunt and Peck [WATCH]: Matt Carpenter gives the Cardinals a 2-1 lead over Cleveland

Bless his heart.

Oh Carpenter, my Carpenter!
Oh Carpenter, my Carpenter!
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

As an old cowboy approached a duel, he sauntered to the batter's box. His eyes peered in against the afternoon sun at the pitcher brought in to face him. Brought in to face him. If someone had told him five years ago that pitchers would be brought in specifically to face him, he would have called that person a liar or crazy or a crazy liar. But there he was, standing in the batter's box on a brisk May afternoon tasked with getting on base against the man whose only job was to prevent him from doing so. He rocked back on his heels and awaited the first pitch.

A strike, middle-in.

He stepped out of the box and took a few practices swings. He gripped tighter around the bat, covering his bare hands with a fresh layer of pine tar. He adjusted his helmet and stepped back into the box, shrugged his shoulders, and leaned back again, waiting for the second pitch.

A ball, just a few inches below the final destination of the previous pitch.

He made a quick note of that location in his head and kicked the dirt around home plate as he stepped out of the box again, deliberately slowing down the game. He rocked back a third time, calmly awaiting the next pitch.

Another ball, higher than the previous pitch, but further inside.

He had now seen three pitches, all on the inner-half of the plate, all sinkers. This confirmed his theory that the pitcher was trying to get him to roll over on that sinker and pull the ball on the ground into the slight shift they had on for him, maybe get him to hit into a double play. He kicked the dirt again and looked out towards the dugout in thought. The pitcher had to come to him now, his only option was to put the ball a little further over the plate. If he put that pitch in the same spot as the first, he would be ready for it. He inhaled deeply and rocked back again.

And people say baseball is boring.

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