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St Louis Cardinals game postponed open thread

Reid Compton-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Cardinals' opening-night victory over the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field has turned out to be a false start of sorts. On Monday, the teams had the customary post-opener off-day that MLB builds into the schedule in case of inclement weather. Then Mother Nature gave Chicago cold and rainy weather on Tuesday, which has led to the season's second game getting postponed until a later date.

After today's unscheduled off-day, the Cardinals will have a schedule off-day on Thursday, which gives the clubs three off-days in the first five days of the season. How very un-baseballical a start to the 162-game grind.

The Kris Bryant service-time clock is running during this off-day, meaning that he'll likely play one more game with Chicago this year than he otherwise would not have. Three days down and only one game missed a nice turn of events for Chicago. And then there's the extra day to get the Wrigley restroom situation remedied. Tonight's postponement is a win, win for the Cubs. I wonder if they're flying the "W" flag (or two of them)?

Here's how Tuesday night's postponement will impact the Cardinals' rotation plans:

As best I can tell, the game has not been rescheduled yet. If I were a betting man, I'd wager that the Cards and Cubs will make this one up later in the summer, when there are bleachers and working restrooms at Wrigley as well as a Bryant on the Chicago roster.

Even though the Cards aren't playing tonight, other clubs are. Feel free to talk about those ballgames or whatever else in the comments. It's an open thread. Mind the VEB Community Guidelines.